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In late June of 2020, a conversation started between Melissa Hurley and Don Thieman, VP of Sales and Operations for ASP Enterprises / Quick Supply / Bowman Construction Supply. Long-time industry colleagues with a like-minded business approach, they quickly decided the notion of a west coast expansion with a new branch in Portland, OR was an opportunity too great to pass up. This ambitious team of industry veterans and fired-up newcomers intends to make its mark in the Pacific Northwest.

Melissa HurleyMelissa Hurley, CPESC. 30+ year industry veteran in Geosynthetic Distribution in the Pacific Northwest. Melissa got her start in erosion control as a site inspector for a civil engineering firm in her hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. Called to the West by the lure of outdoor recreation, she quickly landed in a sales position at a geosynthetic distribution company in Portland. She soon learned that beyond silt fence and straw blankets, there was a wide world of products to discover, with clever and creative applications to use them in. Melissa’s primary professional passion is as a Geosynthetic Evangelist. From homeowners at the Will Call counter, specifiers at agencies and consulting firms, contractors large and small, all the way to the halls of Congress; Melissa is happy to talk anyone’s ear off about why EVERYONE should be using more geosynthetics. 

Travis Riehl, CESCL. 13+ year industry veteran in Geosynthetic Distribution in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and beyond. Travis is the embodiment of your can-do jobsite resource. Marine Veteran, CDL Driver, Site Solutions Expert, Wrench-Turner, LinkedIn Poster, Utility Contractor, Problem Solver, Dad of Grade-Schooler, etc. Travis is a native son of Oregon with deep connections to the region, while concurrently scoping out the whole planet as the sphere of his ambition. Count on Travis to answer the call of duty for all your jobsite needs, that’s how he operates.  

Floyd StretchFloyd Stretch. 37+ year industry veteran in Geosynthetic Distribution in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Floyd was born in beautiful Monterey, California, and moved to the last frontier of Fairbanks, Alaska at age 9. As wild as the environment he inhabited, Floyd made many memories in Alaska – some of which he can still recall. He accrued work experience as an estimator for a heavy civil contractor, a roofing installer, and a member of a paving crew before his path led him to the geosynthetic distribution business in Anchorage in 1988. Floyd loved the logistical and practical challenges of building in Alaska and quickly became a trusted resource to specifiers and contractors alike. In 2006 Floyd relocated to Portland, OR to continue promoting and selling geosynthetics. Floyd delights his colleagues with his encyclopedic knowledge of the products and applications, and historical projects, earning him the enduring nickname of “Oracle of Anchorage.” 

Naomi MorganNaomi Morgan, CESCL. 8+ year industry veteran, Naomi has hit the ground running as a Technical Sales Representative at Cascade Geos. She is an experienced estimator & salesperson of geosynthetic and erosion control solutions and is ready to take on any project. Texas-born, Naomi brings a passion for sustainability and is our resident Green Thumb and plant expert.

James JohnsonJimmy Johnson. Jimmy wears many hats for Cascade Geos and brings 6+ years of geosynthetic industry experience; Inside Sales, CDL Driver, Operations Facilitator, and Customer Service Representative. We are proud of Jimmy’s service in the US Marine Corps and his status as the ultimate family man with 4 young sons to keep him on his toes.

Nick Lipari. Nick joins Cascade Geos in 2022 and rounds out our Dream Team. As Warehouse Manager, Nick's DreamTeam qualities include Hustle, Smarts and Attitude. A native of Northern Idaho, husband and father to a young son, Nick is a proud and grateful son of adopted parents. 

Scotty Eichorn. A newer member of our Operations Team, Scotty brings great energy with his inquisitive nature and quirky sense of humor. Filled with curiosity for geosynthetic applications and clever site solutions, we look forward to Scotty's growth in our company and industry. When not helping get the job done for Cascade Geos, you can find Scotty tearing up the dunes on his side-by-side with his friends and family. 

Nik Blue. Nik Gambino-Blue is Cascade Geos’ voice of Generation Z, bringing some great youthful energy to our seasoned crew. A member of the warehouse team, Nik is also soon to be a CDL driver. When he’s not getting the job done for Cascade Geos, Nik enjoys spending time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Nick Perez. Perez's low-drama, can-do attitude makes him a valued member of our Operations Team. A proud husband and papa to two young children with an avid fishing habit, Nick has no trouble keeping busy outside of work. 

Don Thieman, CPESC. 28+ year industry veteran. Don doesn't live in the Pacific Northwest, though his wife might challenge that statement! The embodiment of Servant-Leader, Don brings steady, engaged counsel and support to our local team. We are grateful for both his business acumen and personal integrity, and kindness in leading and supporting our growing business. 

Maggie Maggie, Campus Security.