CULTEC® Chambers

By using CULTEC chambers, rainwater is collected in inlet structures and piped to an underground retention/detention system. CULTEC stormwater chambers are ideal for commercial developments, residential developments, industrial areas and athletic fields. Applications of CULTEC chambers include retention systems, detention systems, infiltration systems, reclamation, dry wells, conveyance, manage residential roof drain run-off and contain swimming pool or water conditioner back-wash. 

CULTEC chambers may be used as underground retention/detention systems, as replacements for ponds, concrete structures or pipe and stone installations. CULTEC provides a complete stormwater management plan consisting of filtration, conveyance, storage and infiltration. Additionally, CULTEC's chambers come in a variety of sizes and models to fit installations with depth restrictions or when larger infiltrative areas are required. 

Benefits of CULTEC Chamber Systems: 

  • Allows for more controlled infiltration into the ground.
  • Replenishes the surrounding soil and aquifer.
  • Avoids redirecting stormwater to a watercourse and potentially overloading or polluting our natural surroundings and resources.
  • Frees up valuable land for further development such as athletic fields, parking areas, etc.
  • The high capacity, open bottom chambers provide greater storage and much higher infiltrative capability than conventional pipe and stone systems.
  • Less area and less crushed stone are required compared to conventional systems.
  • Decreases health liability issues such as West Niles breeding grounds for mosquitoes, or drowning.

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