Fabco FabGuard Filter

FabGuard media is an effective solution for reducing coliform bacteria in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater applications. FabGuard is a modified flexible polyether reticulated foam material which can be manufactured with up to 98% open void volume providing high permeability for water transport. The foam is non-biodegradable, exhibits excellent tensile, elongation and tear properties and is chemical resistant. It can be supplied in various shapes and sizes including blocks, disks and even hollow roller shapes. Fabco modifies this foam base material making it antimicrobially active during the manufacturing of FabGuard.

When used in stormwater applications, water is sent through the FabGuard material contained in one of Fabco’s stormwater products. Bacteria suspended in the water contacts "swords" or fibers where two actions occur. The swords puncture or disrupt the cell membrane and a small electrical charge is transferred from the sword to the cell. The combined effect of these two actions effectively neutralizes or destroys the organism. The dead cell is then sloughed off and the sword is now ready for the next organism.

When combined with Fabco’s stormwater filtration systems, FabGuard can be configured to reduce bacteria using centralized or decentralized treatment at varying flow rates.

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