Mud Mats

AGES Mud Mats consist of pocketed, double-wall, high-strength fabric with high tensile reinforcing ribs confined within each sleeve allowing easy installation and amazing structural stability. These mud mats connect together to form custom shapes and sizes for your jobsite. Ground pressure from vehicle tires is reduced which causes minimal ground disturbance. Mud mats are ideal for construction site access, agriculture, golf courses, parks or other soft ground areas where vehicle access is required. 


  • Lightweight & Easy to Deploy
  • Washes Easily
  • Reusable 
  • Allows for Site Access
  • Great for Poor Site Conditions
  • Great for Residential & Commercial Construction
  • Alternative to Rock Entrances
  • Protects Turf & Sensitive Areas

Cascade serves Utah and the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Alaska & Idaho.

Product Applications