Muscle Wall

Muscle Wall is a portable, strong plastic barrier that, once placed in the correct position, is filled with water for ballast. It is primarily used to contain or divert water; however, it has many other applications and can be used as an effective alternative to silt fencing, sandbags, concrete and earthen solutions. 

Muscle Wall is designed to withstand the immense force of rushing or standing water. It utilizes a toe on the water side of the wall that uses the weight of the encroaching water, coupled with the weight of the water-filled wall to anchor the system to the ground. A liner can be deployed over the wall to help provide the most effective seal. Because of this, it can be used in flood control, stormwater management, primary or secondary containment, erosion control and more.

This system is quick and easy to install, reusable, optimized for storage, and customizable to fit a variety of project needs.

Product Applications