Naue Combigrid

Naue geogrids are comprised of extruded flat polypropylene ribs that are stretched to orientate the polymers into high tenacity flat bars that are welded together forming dimensional apertures. Combigrid has an integrated nonwoven geotextile to incorporate separation function in one product. Combigrid is composed of a laid geogrid made of stretched, monolithic flat bars with welded junctions and a mechanically bonded geotextile welded within the geogrid structure.

Naue Biaxial Geogrids at a glance:

  • High radial secant stiffness values
  • Aperture stability values show improved traffic performance relationship
  • Rolls do not have "memory" - easy to install
  • Reinforcement/stabilization, filtration, separation, and drainage in just one product

Applications include: 

  • Base and subbase course stabilization and reinforcement
  • Basal reinforcement for embankments
  • Load transfer platforms over piles (LTP)
  • Bridging of mining voids and sinkholes
  • Reinforced foundations
  • Airport runways and graded portions
  • Working platforms
  • Pipe trenches
  • Lagoons/Tailing ponds

Specs & Info

Cascade serves Utah and the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Alaska & Idaho.

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