Oil Absorbents

Cascade Geosynthetics supplies a variety of oil absorbent products including oil booms, spill kits, catch basin inserts and wiping cloths to assist with any type of oil spill.

Oil absorbent booms absorb and retain oils and oil-based liquids including lubricants and fuels without taking in a drop of water. Oil booms float at the surface for easy retrieval, even when saturated. The tough outer mesh is UV resistant for long-term outdoor use without degradation and it lets fluids easily pass through to filter material. These oil containment booms have rope running along the length of the boom that withstands up to 400-lb. loads, adding strength for deployment and retrieval. Additionally, strong, zinc-plated carbon steel attachment clips and rings allow you to link booms together for a greater length. 

Wiping cloths or sorbent pads can be used anywhere. Use oil sorbent pads on hard surfaces underneath or around machines to catch the oils from drips or leaks and absorb it before it hits the ground. They can also be used as a rag to wipe down pipes, hoses and nozzles to clean them from gas, petroleum or diesel. Oil absorbent pads can be used on water as well by floating on the surface and absorbing any oil or gas floating on the water. These cloths are perforated for easy and exact use. 

Spill kits are an all-in-one container that stores gear and equipment used for cleaning up hazardous material spills. The typical contents include PPE, absorbent pads, socks and other clean-up supplies. Having spill kits on hand is essential for rapid response to spills.

Catch basin inserts offer a superior water flow rate with built-in overflow ports to prevent ponding and flooding. The material captures silt and sediment from runoff in addition to absorbing oils and hydrocarbons. 

Cascade serves Utah and the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Alaska & Idaho.

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