Root Barrier

Root Barriers, Weed Barriers and Bamboo Barriers protect against roots or weeds growing where they're not wanted. DeepRoot Root Barriers redirect tree roots down and away from hardscapes, preventing costly root damage, such as clogging or fracturing while preserving the health and beauty of mature trees. 

Root barriers block damaging roots, can control invasive species and bamboo, and protect hardscapes such as foundations, sidewalks and paths. Flexible, smooth, and available in a variety of sizes they provide root blocking and invasive species control solutions. Root barriers can be applied in linear, surround or root pruning applications. 

Root barriers come in five different heights: 12", 18", 24", 36", and 48". All barriers are 24" wide. The depth of barrier required will vary by site and application.

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Cascade serves Utah and the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Alaska & Idaho.

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