Solar Farm Solutions

Solar Farm Solutions

Cascade Geosynthetics is a full-line distributor of a variety of site solutions that can be used on solar farms and green energy development sites. We can help with soil solutions and soil amendments, erosion and sediment control, vegetation management and soil and channel stabilization.

The products listed below are some of the erosion and sediment control solutions we supply that can be utilized to protect solar farm sites. 

ProGanics Biotic Soil Media Solution for Solar FarmsSoil Tests & ProGanics
The foundation for sustainable vegetation is healthy soil. Profile Products makes it easy to test soil’s health with their FREE Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3). Find out exactly what your site’s soil needs to select the right products to establish vegetation.
ProGanics® Biotic Soil Media™ is a topsoil alternative that accelerates the development of depleted soils with low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. 
• Initiates faster vegetation growth and establishment
• Hydroseeded for easy application on sites with difficult access
• Consistent, engineered product that is readily available

Hydromulch & Flexible Growth Medium Solutions for Solar FarmsHydromulches & Flexible Growth Mediums (FGMs)
Hydromulches and FGMs offer several benefits including:
• Faster installation, better coverage & greater erosion control
• Faster germination & vegetation establishment
• Ideal for application in tight areas or sites with limited access
Lock seed & soil in place, providing immediate erosion control and ensuring seed has a chance to germinate
• Have a much higher water-holding capacity than erosion blankets; keep seed and soil hydrated when water or rainfall is limited
100% biodegradable & non-toxic; no netting or staples left behind on the site

Vegetation Solutions for Solar FarmsVegetation
Choosing the right seed for a solar farm site is a vital piece of developing sustainable vegetation. It is beneficial to choose a mix of native and pollinator species that will germinate and start growing quickly. When compared to turf grass, the use of native vegetation 
Increases biodiversity at the site
• Becomes an asset to the community/surrounding farmland as a pollinator habitat
• Requires less mowing and herbicide use
• Effectively manages stormwater because of deeper roots

Short & Long-Term Fertilizers for Solar FarmsShort & Long-Term Fertilizers
Solar farms are commonly located in areas with less-than-ideal, depleted soil. To support healthy, long-lasting vegetation, this soil needs vital nutrients to be restored. 
Biosol is an organic, natural long-term fertilizer. 
• Contains beneficial bacterial & fungal biomass
• Enhances soil health & microbial life
Slow-release nutrient formulation from unique fermentation process provides vital plant nutrients throughout the entire growing season 
• Increases the formation of humus, root mass and the living microbial biomass in soils
Does not leach or volatilize when wet
JumpStart immediately accelerates germination and vegetation establishment. 
• Contains soil-penetration agents, humic acid and 200+ species of beneficial soil bacteria
• Promotes faster nutrient uptake & conversion
• Gets plants off to a faster, stronger start

Simulated Turf Structural Erosion Control for Solar FarmsSimulated Turf Structural Erosion Control
InstaTurf is a soft armor hybrid turf mat for erosion control. 
• Ideal for drip lines, under panels, in swales or channels & around ponds or lakes
• Protects against scour & prevents rills & gullies 
• Promotes reinforced vegetation establishment
• Provides immediate rock-like erosion protection
• Mimics the look of grass before natural vegetation is established
Reduces risk of damage to solar panels. No rock near the panels means no chance of throwing a rock and causing damage.

Earth AnchorsEarth Anchors
Quickly and effortlessly install solar ground-mount foundations when using earth anchors.
Causes minimal disturbance to the ground
• Installs without heavy equipment 
Suitable for all soil types as well as installations in uneven, difficult terrain and shallow depths
Prevents earth movement by locking into stable soil beneath potential failure planes
• Return leaning structures to an upright position, reducing the risk of damage
• Provide restraint against uplift
Rapidly installed, by hand, using simple tools

Geosynthetics for Solar FarmsGeosynthetics
The Mirafi® RSi-Series of geosynthetics are designed to solve soft soil problems. 
• Provides base course reinforcement & subgrade stabilization
• Provides a solid base for site development
The Mirafi® HP-Series are woven polypropylene products that are designed for a variety of soil stabilization conditions. 
• Provides separation, filtration & reinforcement
• Ideal for haul roads & access roads
• Ensures the integrity & function of the aggregate and soil remain intact

High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats for Solar FarmsHigh-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats
Armormax is an engineered earth armoring system composed of High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRMs) and Engineered Earth Anchors™ that work together to lock soil in place.
• Ideal for channel/ditch stabilization & erosion control/slope stabilization
• Withstands both hydraulic & non-hydraulic stresses (mowing & maintenance traffic)
• Green, vegetated solution (better aesthetics than hard armoring) 
• Lightweight & easily transported into areas with access challenges
• Promotes infiltration of surface water
Low carbon footprint

Simulated Turf Structural Erosion Control for Solar FarmsSediment Control Solutions
Cascade Geosynthetics also has a wide variety of sediment control solutions readily available. For everything from perimeter and inlet protection to trackout control, we have a solution for every sediment control problem on your solar farm site.
Filter Socks
Silt Fence
Inlet Protectors
FODS Trackout Control Mats
Dewatering Bags